LSU Gymnastics 2014

Coach D-D Breaux talks to participants of LSJI

By: Jasmyne Bracy

This past school year at LSU, the women’s gymnastics team had the most successful season in years, they placed 3rd in the national championships. Throughout the season the women’s team almost had perfect meets, they averaged in the 190s, a perfect is 200. With all these improvements the information department, whose job is to send out positive looks on the team, were able to get the media more involved.

With the involvement of the media, crowds began to get bigger. They record jumped from 5,000 people a meet to at least 9,000 people a meet, which is extraordinary.

D-D Breaux, the head coach of the women’s gymnastics team, said that since the start of the season you could tell that her team had heart and was ready to compete.

The team consisted of many All-American honors. Coach Breaux believes that her team should have academic excellence, athletic excellence, and community involvement. The average GPA of the team is a 3.3 or higher. “Nothing great can be achieved without enthusiasm”, said Breaux, which explains why the team had a perception at the beginning of the season to become news worthy, more competitive, think like champions, and have the right mind set to be the best the can be.

Not only did the team accomplish amazing goals, the coaching staff did as well. The assistant coaches won the assistants coach of the year and Coach Breaux was awarded the coach of the year award.

Coach Breaux talked to the LSJI participants on June 10 to discuss how she planned on “reloading” her team to become even better than last year, as well as giving them a background ground story on her.

She grew up in the little town Donaldsonville, La. She began as a Graduate Assistant head coach, while aiming for her masters at LSU. She has been coaching for 37 years.

What has kept her working hard was watching the team transition year after year. She lost 7 seniors when past season ended. She looks for passion in her players and hope that the have good communication, that would make them good players.


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