Celebrating Black History Month in Schools

With the idea that people should acknowledge the strong heritage and contributions of African Americans to American history, Dr. Carter G. Woodson came up with Negro History Week. Now it’s not just a week, the whole month of February is dedicated to what Dr. Woodson started.

Studies have shown that black history month may not be celebrated so much at predominantly white schools than predominantly black schools. “I’ve gone to a little of both schools,” said Dra’Shawn Young, sophomore at Nicholls University, “I think it helped that I’ve gone to both because now I have a bigger appreciation for what my culture is all about.”

Just because Black History Month has been approved all over the country doesn’t mean that it is being celebrated at every school or community. “Nobody announces about black history month, really it’s just like every other month of the year”, said Demi Robinette, senior at De La Salle High School. De La Salle is predominantly white but they have had a black history club back in the early 2000s but recently has decayed away. “Thankfully I do have parents that believe its important to know my history, I can still celebrate at home.

At St. Mary’s Academy, an all-girls school, that is predominantly black have a different look on what it means to celebrate black history. Every year SMA hosts a black history month program, where there are guest speakers, panel discussions, even a praise and worship. The chorus class studies black musicians and then put on a show. Senior Kimani Hamilton, not only helped with planning the program but also have don projects for different classes on black history month. “I have a project this year to come up with 28 different African Americans, unlike the ones we already know, for the 28 days of the month of February,” said Hamilton.

Saint Mary’s class room with class room projects on the students desk.

So, if you’re wondering why is it important to have black history be taught in schools. Maybe ask young people what they already know and then build on from that. “If it wasn’t for my teacher asking us what do black history month meant to us, I would feel a little lost and out of touch with my roots,” said Diamond Tucker, senior at SMA.


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