Blogging to Influence

As a student in school you may miss out on events that happen at school or even come late to those events because you have so much work to do. Well students like Jay Xavier and Jahmari Fisher co-created a blog/twitter page titled HBCU_Roundtable. The purpose of this page is to an atmosphere for all HBCUs to come together and network about events that were going on at school. “The title is really self-explanatory, we wanted to create a space where they can see that connecting with other HBCUs can be a positive thing,” said Xavier.

The HBCU Roundtable creators have made flyers to promote events that are happening, and all graphic designs they create themselves. “We started off with just showing our music side but then we decided to create our own graphics as well,” said Xavier. On social media, you will see many hashtags such as, #BlackGirlMagic, #BlackExcellence, and at HBCU Roundtable that’s where it all comes together and show the good things of what it’s like to be a product of HBCU education.

HBCU Roundtable new project that Jahmari Fisher created and produced.

HBCUs already have a firm legacy in higher education for young people. But with this new age of technology young people not only hear about the legacy but they can also see hands on what it’s like to be at an HBCU. “We have received comments about, how what we show on our page helped influenced someone to feel that an HBCU is where they wanted to be,” said Fisher.

Student can come together and create a bond by visiting the HBCU Roundtable. after interacting with those that attend schools like yours may be mutually beneficial. you can borrow ideas from one school and try and create that tradition at your school.


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