Play Hard, Work Harder

There are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in school. One of those ways is to become an athlete. As a school athlete you have the responsibility as well as an honor to represent you school on numerous occasions. Some schools games are shown on national television and others are shown on local television stations. Nonetheless you can be seen by many. “To me it doesn’t matter if I will be seen on television or not, the fact that I can play the sport I love is all I could ever ask for,” said Cole Lewis, sophomore running back at Mississippi College, in Clinton.

Some stereotypes about being a student-athlete are: if they were to break school rules they tend to get a slap on the wrist or the minimum disciplinary action. For example, many people think that Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, gave Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback, a minimum suspension for the deflation of the football. Whereas, Adrian Peterson, Vikings running back, spanked his child with a switch and got a longer suspension. Even though these situations are about professional players, they still are situations that can happen in college or even high school. So be prepared as student athlete to follow all rules.

Earl Coats, a junior track star at Loyola University in New Orleans, has been a runner for the majority of his life. Throughout his career, Coats made sure his school work came first. “Many people assume that athletes have it easy, when in reality we don’t. I make sure to work three times as hard as my fellow classmates,” said Coats. Not only do Loyola athletes have school work and practice but their coaches require them to participate in community service as well as stress the importance of having a job while in school as a way to have spending money.

Jabial White, a senior at De La Salle High School, in Uptown New Orleans, just signed to play football in college this past National Signing Day. “Not many schools were interested in me because of my height but the fact that I had a good GPA helped Trinity International University recruite me,” Whitesaid. According to NCAA recruitment stats, some of the student-athletes don’t get recruited just for their skills, but their academic acheivement as well.

Jabial White on National Signing Day.

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