Embarking on a New Journey

Being freshman at a new school is already a tough transision. But lucky for you, you’re not the only new person at your school. But it’s not so great when you’re a transfer student in the middle of a school year. People already know each other and you have to find your way around to get use to the atmosphere.

Michael Sanders  a transfer-sophomore at Xavier University, is making the best his situation. “I come from a small town where I knew pretty much everyone, but now it’s like I have to restart making my friends,” he said. What helped Sanders get through his transition was that he knew what he was interested in so he found those organizations got involved early.

Unlike Sanders, Bailey Moore, transfer-sophomore at Southern University of New Orleans, had a different look on transitioning from schools. Moore started out at Xavier, but had some issues beyond her control and couldn’t stay. “The big difference for me is the culture change,” Moore said. “Not many people come from the same background as me. I’m use to walking up and having conversations with people, but at SUNO I just get a blank stare, so I’m more to myself.”

Not everyone has a hard time transitioning from school to school. Darryl Coulon, a transfer student from Xavier University to Louisiana State University, is finding the switch a lot easier than expected. “I wanted to go to LSU from the beginning, but I also wasn’t ready to leave home so I stayed at Xavier for a while,” Coulon said.

Sometimes leaving a school can happen unexpectedly or because your weren’t really ready to leave home just yet. But all in all you can still have a positive look at receiving higher education no matter what institution you attended.


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