Writing Guide

Like any other journalist, in order to do your best with a story you have to do your research, interview and take photos that captures the moment.

The best way to approach a story is to think of something that is inspiring to you or something you think others should know about and then do your research. It’s good to know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to your story. Have as much factual information on your topic as possible. For example, I wrote a story on student athletes. I chose this topic because I was once one and there are so many stereotypes that comes along with it. Then, I did research on the recruiting process of student athletes.

The next part in covering a story is to find those credible sources. There have been ups and downs when it comes to sourcing. The ups are that you build connections with the people you talk to, sometimes while having the interview you find a new way to approach the story. The downs are the issues with having schedules line up to meet, but to avoid that you use the new technology, emails, text, phone calls, FaceTime, Skype, etc. It’s important that you try all that you can do when seeking to find credible sources.

The third part of covering a story is taking photos. You take photos to document that you were there and to share a visual of that experience.  Most people see visuals before actually reading so it’s important that you take the best photo that shows what you’re trying to say in your article.

As long as you keep being persistent and be confident in what you’re doing the best product will come out of the situation.


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