Being a Light in the Community

All it takes is one to seek their purpose and then capitalize on it. Ethan Ashley was born and raised in Compton, California, before moving to Washington D.C. to attend Howard University. While there he worked for Congresswoman Maxine Waters in the Justice Civil Rights Division, and Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affair. Ashley took a visit to New Orleans to provide service in helping the city rebuild after Hurricane Katrina and fell in love with the city. “I know firsthand that the kindness of a stranger can make a huge impact on the lives of others,” said Ashley, who believed that he found his purpose New Orleans.Immediately after graduation, Ashley moved to New Orleans to work as an organizer, program director, and lobbyist for the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana. There he was tasked with running their project to end juvenile life sentences in the state.“I see myself both as an activist and a leader who is strongly committed to the education of young people.” Ashley said.

In September 2014, Ashley joined the Urban League of Greater New Orleans as the Director of Community Engagement. He is known for mentoring young men that are fatherless. “I am a firm believer that my peers and I are not graded on our impact on the world, but rather the impact that the next generation makes, as we were the ones to help train them up,” said Ashley, as he talked about being a board member for Youth Run NOLA.

Thank you Ethan Ashley for all you do in your community. #HiddenFigureNoMore

To contact Ethan Ashley, feel free to visit his site


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