Student Life/Spiritual Life

Today’s blog is about how college students balance being strong in faith and trying to have a fun and memorable college experience at the same time.

College is a time in a person’s life where they experience freedom, some for the very first time and every person has a different way of experiencing freedom. In this moment of freedom your discovering yourself and own values, you start to pay attention to the world around you and how can you leave your mark. By staying grounded in your faith all will be okay.

There are plenty of high learning institutions in the United States that are secular and believe it or not the schools that do affiliate with a religion are not exempt from having that temptation of a secular atmosphere.

Nia Matherson, Xavier University of Louisiana graduate gave a talk about her journey through college to high school seniors at New Zion Baptist Church. “As a young girl, I remember vividly how my parents instilled faith within our household. It was the foundation for which we stood on. It governed our decisions, guided our steps, and helped us to see beyond our current circumstances” said Matherson, “Xavier is a perfect example of how to intertwine faith and academics. They consistently offered prayer services, prayer circles, retreats and other ways to get involved through Campus Ministries. The services were available and students were given access,” Matherson continued.

James Eaglin, freshman at Tuskegee University, is adjusting to being away from home as well as his home church. “It’s weird not being at home and being so active in church,” said Eaglin, “because I was so active it helped mold me into the man I am today, since I’m away from home the way I balance is that I watch my church live stream and I still call my mentors for help even though I’m far away.”

For more ideas about how to balance a strong faith and a memorable college experience you can visit the cites below:


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