End of the Road, Not My Journey

It’s May 1. Which means the Spring semester is pretty much over and it’s time to study and take exams. Throughout this semester I was asked to brand myself into what I want the world to see of me digitally. Honestly at the beginning I didn’t quite know what I wanted my brand to be. My brand is to bring in reality and honesty to the forefront without having someone feel like their opinions don’t matter. After figuring out my brand I was asked to come up with a blog. My first thought was okay I like to have open conversations with people and being a Mass Communication major, I’ve become more and more comfortable about meeting new people. But one thing that slightly held me back was will people see what I’m posting and will it be effective. My target audience is high school seniors to college seniors. I chose this audience because at the ages of 17-22 people tend to question a lot and are still trying to figure out what exactly they want to do and who they want people to remember them as.
What I learned during this experience is that your biggest obstacle is yourself. If you go into a project with negative thoughts then there will be a negative outcome but if you go into it with an open mind and a will to learn from mistakes then you will be okay. Once I realized that, I started blogging more and more. As the semester kept going, I notice people can’t see my work if I don’t promote myself. The best way to promote yourself is to clean up your other social networks and link them together. The more I connected my work with my social media accounts I received more views and I also popped up a few times on Google from tagging.
All in all I would have never learned that I would enjoy creating my digital footprint and I would like to continue as I grow I would like to share what I learned to those who may be wondering the same things I am.

If you know anyone interested in blogging they can visit Blog Starter to learn more.

For ways to create a positive self-talk method visit Positive Self-Talk.


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