Tremé Fall Fest

A unique way to kick off the fall season is a celebration in the Tremé neighborhood. On Oct. 1, 2016, the second annual Tremé Fall Fest took place, it was free and open to the public. Tremé is one of America’s Oldest African American Neighborhood, and its oldest landmark is the St. Augustine Catholic Church. The persons responsible for the event is the Historic Faubourg Tremé Association. This groups of men and women is formed to showcase the value of culture that makes Tremé so influential. The purpose of the festival is to raise money to help restore the St. Augustine Catholic Church, which this year is celebrating 175 years of service.

This church has a rich history to it. It was a place where freed slaves would come to worship and is the heart of the area. “The money mainly goes to restoring the church, but we also give money to other landmarks that we wish to keep up with,” said Father Emmanuel Mulenga. The other landmark includes the art museum.

Tours of the church were given as well as activities for the young people. “It is a beautiful day and the music is great,” said Ernest George, a New Orleans native from the seventh ward, attending the event.


The festival included live performances from Little Freddie King, TBC Brass Band Feat. Benny Jones, The Tremé All-Stars, Kermitt Ruffin, Zulu Connection, and many more. Vendors included arts and crafts as well as different food options and a voter’s registration table because we are in election season. “We walked around with signs so that people where to sign up to vote,” said Donovan Reynolds, a native from Algiers.

The crowd was close to 2,000 people in and out and the fundraiser raised about $25,000 in order to finish the painting of the church from last year. “This year we had so many guest, mainly tourist, and it was more of a family orientated this year,” said Adolph Bynum, one of the organizers.



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