March Weekly Wrap


NCAA vs NAIA Debate

As an aspiring collegiate athlete, you look for a scholarship. Knowing how to get recruited and stand out are the first steps to that goal, but a big step is deciding which athletic association best fits who you are not only as an athlete but a student. Based off a recent twitter poll, 69 votes,... Continue Reading →

NOLA Crawfish Festival

NOLA Crawfish KING and Live For Live Music hosted the second annual NOLA Crawfish Festival, introducing some of New Orleans’ finest musicians, food, and drinks at Central City BBQ, located on 1201 S Rampart. The festival was hosted in between the Jazz Fest weekends, for three days May 1-3 from 3pm-10pm. This year's talent included... Continue Reading →

National African American Wellness Walk

The stereotype is that African American men don’t like going to the doctor. So, in order to help fix that way of thinking, John Gregory started the National African-American Male Wellness Walk 12 years ago, in Ohio. They surveyed 100 men in a research and the results came back showing 90 percent were sick and... Continue Reading →

Tremé Fall Fest

A unique way to kick off the fall season is a celebration in the Tremé neighborhood. On Oct. 1, 2016, the second annual Tremé Fall Fest took place, it was free and open to the public. Tremé is one of America’s Oldest African American Neighborhood, and its oldest landmark is the St. Augustine Catholic Church.... Continue Reading →

Men vs Women Support in Sports

Most people go to sporting events for the excitement of the game or even in anticipation of a home team victory. But have you ever thought about both genders getting the same amount of support? While asking around there were many different opinions about who gets the most support men or women. From experts to sports fans... Continue Reading →

End of the Road, Not My Journey

It's May 1. Which means the Spring semester is pretty much over and it's time to study and take exams. Throughout this semester I was asked to brand myself into what I want the world to see of me digitally. Honestly at the beginning I didn't quite know what I wanted my brand to be.... Continue Reading →

French Quarter Festival 2017

On April 7-9 2017 in New Orleans was a very busy yet exciting weekend. Downtown New Orleans held the annual French Quarter Festival. At the Festival, you saw families and friends having a good time listening to music and trying new foods. There were crawfish bread samples, drink stations, and a kids area for arts... Continue Reading →

Art. Is it a Language?

Brandan Odums is a local artist and entrepreneur who has created way for artist like him to showcase their talents here in New Orleans. Odums chose this lifestyle because he wants to give the city hope and also do the thing he loves which is inspiring the youth to understand the past and work hard... Continue Reading →

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